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Meet John & Stephanie. They’re from Rhode Island and were recently married on July “23”, 2011.  But these weren’t your average, every day nuptials.  They actually went all out and did a full Jordan themed wedding equipped with Air Jordan XI’s, UNC colors, a Jumpman logo holding a bouquet among other things.  The bride, groom, and groomsman all wore 25th Anniversary XI’s as a tribute to the man himself. Ladies, would you let your man pull this off on your big day?  More wedding day pictures after the jump including their Jordan themed engagement pictures. (more…)

One of the most over used lines from single women is… “There are no good men out here.” Ladies, today I’m here to say, that is BS!!! There are plenty of good guys out here, but the problem is you don’t want the good guy. You want the challenge. You don’t want “Tim”, the good guy who treats you right from day one; takes you out to nice places, clean cut and is always polite and respectful. You want “Black Tony”, the guy that says come over my house sit on my futon for a while and then we can get busy. You deny him that night, but are turned on by the way he wanted you. Despite his early advances you think you can change him. But the whole time you are just trying change him into “Tim.”