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Wale and Kid Cudi‘s reconciliation will be certified with a new song. The Maybach Music Group rapper’s sophomore album, Ambition,is dropping November 1 and will include a song called “Focused,” which features Cudi.

While previewing his album for select media outlets, Wale dropped hints about the collaborator — a friend of his that lived in Brooklyn while he was living in SoHo — on the song he was about to play last.

“We’re 23 years old at this time, we’re trying to figure it all out,” Wale told MTV News. “We went from not having sh– to having money at our disposal, so it kind of f—ed up our friendship. He doesn’t smoke as much anymore, but his name is Scott.”

That “Scott” is Scott Mescudi, a.k.a. Kid Cudi. The two rappers started gaining notoriety in the hip-hop world almost simultaneously a few years ago, with Wale even appearing on “Is There Any Love,” a bonus track from Cudi’s Man on the Moon: The End of Day debut. However, the pair had an infamous falling-out, which, according to Wale, was rooted in a lack of communication.

“The last time me and him spoke was Governor’s Island maybe three years ago,” Wale said. “It was a weird exchange. … When you don’t talk to somebody for a long time and you see them on TV and you’re trying to figure them out through music … we bumped into each other, and we spoke, and it was just weird. It was already animosity for me, because I was like, ‘Yo, this is my guy and it’s just weird now.’ Just weird.

“I can’t say that word enough,” Wale continue. “So [later on], it was Drake’s birthday party in D.C.; he was there. I’m getting off the elevator and I see him. So he was like, ‘What’s up?’ I was like, ‘What’s up?’ And that was it. Next thing I see is the Complex interview. That was maybe like a year after that.”

After that Complex interview, many thought the two would never be friends again. Nevertheless, earlier this year, they reconciled via Twitter. Wale recalled not believing it was Cudi who called him to make up before their Twitter truce.

“The main reason why I didn’t believe it was him was because his voice was really light, and I remember it always being raspy,” Wale said. “He was like, ‘I don’t smoke weed anymore, bro. My voice is changing. I’m about to hit you on Twitter right now. This is really me. I saw it was him. I was like, ‘Sup, man, how you been?’ He said, ‘I been good, man. I just wanted to get right to it: I know I’ve been acting kind of f—ed up and weird,’ and this that and a third and all that other personal sh–. He threw that out there, and we just made amends. The next morning, he called me like, ‘I just wanted to let you know I wasn’t high or anything when I called you. I really meant it.’ ”

Wale then further extended the olive branch by saying he had a track he felt Cudi would be perfect for. “I never really thought we capitalized off what we had,” Wale said. “I sent him the beat, and we made this record I’ve been trying so hard to keep for myself for a long time.”

“Focused” features Wale rapping, with Cudi supplying a chorus in his sing-song, Mr. Solo Dolo type of delivery over a synth-loaded uptempo track.

“It’s a testament to where I am lyrically, spiritually, all of that, because this song almost never happened, as y’all know,” Wale said of “Focused.” “It feels like the record that ‘Is There Any Love’ was supposed to be. When they kept talking about me and Cudi in every magazine, this is the record I felt like they needed to hear — the one that everybody was going to get behind, and it was going to go top 40 and not be corny. This is like the best top 40 non-cheesy record that you’re ever going to hear in your life. That’s how I feel about it.”

Wale recently dropped a new mixtape called The Eleven One Eleven Theory, which temporarily crashed Hulkshare’s site upon its release. The project features a song called “Chain Music,” that will also be on Ambition.

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Wale knows without a doubt that he is “hip/hop poetry with a dope beat” & that his mind is free enough to release “Ambitionz” with a profound understanding for the art of his talent. With “all eyez on” his decision to sign with Maybach Music Group, Wale continues with his “f*ck it” attitude in pursuit of what he finds to be “crucial” to his “meal ticket” like Tupac. Consider him to be a mandatory figure in the world of hip/hop music but there is no denying that he is underrated due to his ability to understand the misunderstanding that resides within “perception.” In an intellectual position of sorts, Wale does not promote himself as a “drug deal” or with “trap lyrics” just a “young n*gga advocating ambition” with soul that is liberating.

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