Check out the latest from DMV product Tabi Bonney & L.A. native Murs.  It’s a nice change from what’s currently dominating the airwaves. #SupportRealHipHop

Typical Hood Joint

What really defines a gold digger these days in this economy? Is it Wonkeisha from Lincoln Heights who’s trying to holla at a Redskins’ player; who is usually at any given DC Nightclub. So, she’s there in attendance at the club with her expensive weaves and butt shots, looking like a false image of her true self. All provided from her night job at the Boom Boom Room.

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Coach K and the Duke Blue Devils took on the Chinese National Team on ESPNU this morning, but they weren’t the only college basketball team taking a summer vacation in China. The Georgetown Hoyas played in Beijing on Thursday, and things got really, really ugly.

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I commend T.O. on how he handled this situation.  He could have easily caught a charge/lawsuit fooling with this clown. Instead, he played it cool, rode off into the sunset, and this guy returned to “his life” #NoLebron. Check out the video after the jump.

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     When talking about paying colleges athletes, the wrong questions are often asked. Should college athletes be paid? Most would say yes. The real questions are how would you pay them and what type of pay scale would you use?

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Wale knows without a doubt that he is “hip/hop poetry with a dope beat” & that his mind is free enough to release “Ambitionz” with a profound understanding for the art of his talent. With “all eyez on” his decision to sign with Maybach Music Group, Wale continues with his “f*ck it” attitude in pursuit of what he finds to be “crucial” to his “meal ticket” like Tupac. Consider him to be a mandatory figure in the world of hip/hop music but there is no denying that he is underrated due to his ability to understand the misunderstanding that resides within “perception.” In an intellectual position of sorts, Wale does not promote himself as a “drug deal” or with “trap lyrics” just a “young n*gga advocating ambition” with soul that is liberating.

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Rapper Terrence Thornton better known as Pusha T is a great lyricist, and I am a big fan. But at age 34 it may be time to let the hair go my brother. He doesnt need his hair to sell records granted, but at some point you dont want to be the 40 year old rapper with corn rows. Ludacris cut his hair, got even more movie deals and his career is taking off to another plateau. I think once he does that he may have more success.

I'm your "Pusha"? Well you pushing it to the limit. Let Them Go...

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Our favorite bi-polar rapper provides us with one of the most highly anticipated tracks off of his upcoming album “The R.E.D. Album“.   Is it worth the anticipation or just another boring rap song?  You be the judge.

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