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I must say that I’m pretty excited about this. Nice Kicks has the details:

When Nike gives you a call at midnight, you know it’s something good. With just a few hours notice Nike flew me out to LA for “a big announcement.”

When they won’t tell you what it is until you get there, you know it’s something bigger than a new colorway of Dunks.

Upon arriving in the room, I found a box waiting for me with an iPod Shuffle with a personal message from Dr. Emmett Brown: “Welcome to Los Angeles. If my calculations are correct, over the next 24 hours you are about to see some SERIOUS SH*T!”   (more…)

Meet John & Stephanie. They’re from Rhode Island and were recently married on July “23”, 2011.  But these weren’t your average, every day nuptials.  They actually went all out and did a full Jordan themed wedding equipped with Air Jordan XI’s, UNC colors, a Jumpman logo holding a bouquet among other things.  The bride, groom, and groomsman all wore 25th Anniversary XI’s as a tribute to the man himself. Ladies, would you let your man pull this off on your big day?  More wedding day pictures after the jump including their Jordan themed engagement pictures. (more…)

Typical Hood Joint

What really defines a gold digger these days in this economy? Is it Wonkeisha from Lincoln Heights who’s trying to holla at a Redskins’ player; who is usually at any given DC Nightclub. So, she’s there in attendance at the club with her expensive weaves and butt shots, looking like a false image of her true self. All provided from her night job at the Boom Boom Room.


For those that are fans of the show Basketball Wives, Shaunie O’Neal has the latest for you regarding Meeka Claxton, Basketball Wives LA and more:

With the new madden on the horizon here are the top five rated players at QB.


2012 Madden

Remember when there was actually another football video game other than “MADDEN”. Not saying that I don’t enjoy the Madden series but I believe in the right of choice. For every Mercedes-Benz, you have the choice of BMW, Audi, etc. Basically you have the right to go with a competitor other than the given. I feel that video games needs this diversity. Madden has set the standard for football video games, but NFL 2k was not a slouch of a game by any means. Hopefully the NFL will not renew its contract with EA Sports, so maybe we can a different game one day. Until then, game on!

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The Holy Grails Are Back!!

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Is it just me? Or are you also hyped over probably the most anticipated Jordan release in recent years, the Jordan XI “Concord”. If you’re a “Sneaker Head”, especially for J’s, these are a definite must have for the collection. And although they’re not set to release until December, I figure I’ll get the thirst going for these!