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2 years ago Michael Vick was released from federal prison after serving time for charges stemming from an illegal dogfighting operation.  The moment he set foot on free soil, media speculation ran rampant regarding his return to the NFL and which jersey he’d be wearing the next time he threw a touchdown.  According to his agent, there were many teams interested in him and a short list of teams in which they believed he could go in and make an immediate impact. The Redskins were one of the teams in the mix.


AAU Nationals

July 22nd, Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s the final four at the AAU Nationals. The gym is standing room only. Not an empty seat in the house. Everyone is there to see the Memphis team that had dominated the tournament up until this point. They are bigger stronger and more athletic than any other team in the tournament. (That wasn’t caught cheating). And their next game seems to be no different. They are about  to play against a Greensboro team, whom they beat by 20 points just a month earlier.  The game starts and the crowd anticipates the show they are about to see from Memphis, Greensboro gets the ball makes a couple of passes their kids are visually nervous, and then all of sudden their best player who happens to be named (Kobe) stairs down his defender  drains an NBA range three. Then looks into the crowd and screams at the top of his lungs “Lets go m*therf*cka”!! (more…)

Typical Hood Joint

What really defines a gold digger these days in this economy? Is it Wonkeisha from Lincoln Heights who’s trying to holla at a Redskins’ player; who is usually at any given DC Nightclub. So, she’s there in attendance at the club with her expensive weaves and butt shots, looking like a false image of her true self. All provided from her night job at the Boom Boom Room.


I commend T.O. on how he handled this situation.  He could have easily caught a charge/lawsuit fooling with this clown. Instead, he played it cool, rode off into the sunset, and this guy returned to “his life” #NoLebron. Check out the video after the jump.


     When talking about paying colleges athletes, the wrong questions are often asked. Should college athletes be paid? Most would say yes. The real questions are how would you pay them and what type of pay scale would you use?


It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

After getting a good look at Rex Grossman in the Redskins’ first preseason game against the Steelers, we’ll finally have the chance to see what John Beck brings to the table this Friday against the Indianapolis Colts.

Will he impress the legions of Skins fans who scratched their heads this offseason when Shanahan named him the starter, or will he raise the bar of delusion to new heights?

Friday will set the tone for John Beck’s tenure in Washington for better or for worse. Are we ready? Talk about it!

With the new madden on the horizon here are the top five rated players at QB.


It seems that any list that involves Albert Haynesworth isn’t a good list for NFL players to be on. This list falls into the same category.