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Meet John & Stephanie. They’re from Rhode Island and were recently married on July “23”, 2011.  But these weren’t your average, every day nuptials.  They actually went all out and did a full Jordan themed wedding equipped with Air Jordan XI’s, UNC colors, a Jumpman logo holding a bouquet among other things.  The bride, groom, and groomsman all wore 25th Anniversary XI’s as a tribute to the man himself. Ladies, would you let your man pull this off on your big day?  More wedding day pictures after the jump including their Jordan themed engagement pictures. (more…)

AAU Nationals

July 22nd, Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s the final four at the AAU Nationals. The gym is standing room only. Not an empty seat in the house. Everyone is there to see the Memphis team that had dominated the tournament up until this point. They are bigger stronger and more athletic than any other team in the tournament. (That wasn’t caught cheating). And their next game seems to be no different. They are about  to play against a Greensboro team, whom they beat by 20 points just a month earlier.  The game starts and the crowd anticipates the show they are about to see from Memphis, Greensboro gets the ball makes a couple of passes their kids are visually nervous, and then all of sudden their best player who happens to be named (Kobe) stairs down his defender  drains an NBA range three. Then looks into the crowd and screams at the top of his lungs “Lets go m*therf*cka”!! (more…)

Typical Hood Joint

What really defines a gold digger these days in this economy? Is it Wonkeisha from Lincoln Heights who’s trying to holla at a Redskins’ player; who is usually at any given DC Nightclub. So, she’s there in attendance at the club with her expensive weaves and butt shots, looking like a false image of her true self. All provided from her night job at the Boom Boom Room.


Coach K and the Duke Blue Devils took on the Chinese National Team on ESPNU this morning, but they weren’t the only college basketball team taking a summer vacation in China. The Georgetown Hoyas played in Beijing on Thursday, and things got really, really ugly.

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The title says it all…


Update: Oklahoma City guard James Harden was guarding Mamba on the last play.

To learn more about the Drew League and its history, click here 

Kobe Goes “Rat” On Man In Church?

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Kobe going "Rat"

Depending on who you ask, Kobe Bryant has a history of being a great guy.  On the flipside, there are people who would tell you that he’s a bad guy in a heartbeat.  My guess is that the truth is somewhere in between.  There’s likely a thin line between Kobe and the Black Mamba and you’d much rather meet Kobe than Mamba, especially in church.  According to CBS Los Angeles it all went down like this:


For those that are fans of the show Basketball Wives, Shaunie O’Neal has the latest for you regarding Meeka Claxton, Basketball Wives LA and more:

Welcome to China Mr. James

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This seems to be happening more often than need be. LeBron being posterized in street ball battles. This time Nike wasn’t around to confiscate the evidence before it hit the net. A Asian kid LeBron? Really? We are all Witnesses, no? #Irony

(LMAO @ the smoke released on the backboard after the dunk..smh)