Yes, College Athletes Should Be Paid… But How?

Posted: August 17, 2011 by DC Sports Bar in Football
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     When talking about paying colleges athletes, the wrong questions are often asked. Should college athletes be paid? Most would say yes. The real questions are how would you pay them and what type of pay scale would you use?

You have just became the NCAA president; what would be your plan to pay student athletes?  First, you have to keep in mind all sports are created equal within the NCAA. This means if you pay football or basketball players you would have to pay women’s bowling and men’s water polo as well. No exceptions.  If you somehow figure out how to get that done; you have to then decide on the amount given to each student athlete.

Let’s just take football for example, most major college football teams have at least 100 players. So how do you decide who gets what amount? You could say give the starters more money, but what if a starter loses his spot. Would his pay rate change? In that situation players would surely think more about themselves and less about the integrity of the sport.  Or you could say the star players get more, but who says who is a star and who isn’t? Are you asking coaches to tell “player A” you aren’t nearly as important as “player B.” Before the season even starts? No coach wants to degrade his own players.  Say somehow this plan is approved  and players receive different amounts, negotiations would now have to take place. And you know that means college players will have to have agents!

Good luck sorting that out.  I would love to see college athletes get paid. But I have no idea how it could get done. If you were the NCAA president what would your proposal be? What is the model you would use to pay college athletes?

  1. College & Other Pesky Things says:

    Sorry, but no thanks. I don’t want my tuition dollars going to pay Joe Schmoe for playing a game. He already gets to schedule his classes before me.

  2. Pay The Man says:

    The simple answer is to allow student athletes to have endorsement deals that are paid on a set scale. Freshman stars make X, Senior stars make Y. The seniors would be motivated to stay in school longer because they can make more money. Freshman would play harder to stay on the team in a prominent role. The *star* status would be based on statistics posted in the previous year for college, or in the case of incoming freshman, high school. To make sure that the other players are compensated, the university should charge the corporations a team fee that allows them to sponsor their star players. The team fee will be divided equally among the other non-star players. Instead of paying them in cash, they can get a pre-paid Visa/Mastercard that allows them to buy clothes, food, electronics, etc. with their share.

  3. Pay The Man says:

    And with regards to who is a star and who isn’t and the feelings of the players, life isn’t fair. People in every other walk of life are compensated differently based on their worth to the organization. It happens in the pros as well. This will help them get ready for the real world, instead of all of that “everyone’s on the same level” crap!

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