To Keep or Not To Keep, 30+ with Cornrows

Posted: August 17, 2011 by DC Sports Bar in Entertainment, Music, Videos
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Rapper Terrence Thornton better known as Pusha T is a great lyricist, and I am a big fan. But at age 34 it may be time to let the hair go my brother. He doesnt need his hair to sell records granted, but at some point you dont want to be the 40 year old rapper with corn rows. Ludacris cut his hair, got even more movie deals and his career is taking off to another plateau. I think once he does that he may have more success.

I'm your "Pusha"? Well you pushing it to the limit. Let Them Go...

Sidenote, and Wale should follow suit, he has even publicized his own gripe with his naps on twitter. He just looks like a dirty poodle wearing foamposites more like a Waloodle (Wale X Poodle).

Wale aka Waloddle the Dirty Poodle


Also, time to cut it:

Ice T (that Pony tail should have been cut after the credits rolled for New Jack City).

  1. Pusha a Norfolk goon.. i expect the cornrows from him lls. Wale tryn fit in wit his dreads.. nd Ice T a gangsta.. he put time in to do the foolishness he do now

  2. JBar88TX says:

    Ice T is over 50 that shit should have been dead. Wale look like he got a funny shaped head so he gonan hang on to those locks

  3. says:

    Yeah, but you cant be 50 with that bus driver slickback. And Wale joints aint grown in like two years, hangtime on E-

  4. SlickRick669 says:

    how ya’ll going? maybe wale gets them trimmed….

  5. Donkey Ballz says:

    I blame Snoop Dogg for this mess!!!!

  6. Messin' with Sasquash says:

    As long as the y keep’em clean… NOW Ice-T and Whoopie need to let it go… I’m surprised people still service Cornrolls… lol

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