Single Ladies… Do You Really Want A Good Man?

Posted: August 16, 2011 by DC Sports Bar in Relationship Issues
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One of the most over used lines from single women is… “There are no good men out here.” Ladies, today I’m here to say, that is BS!!! There are plenty of good guys out here, but the problem is you don’t want the good guy. You want the challenge. You don’t want “Tim”, the good guy who treats you right from day one; takes you out to nice places, clean cut and is always polite and respectful. You want “Black Tony”, the guy that says come over my house sit on my futon for a while and then we can get busy. You deny him that night, but are turned on by the way he wanted you. Despite his early advances you think you can change him. But the whole time you are just trying change him into “Tim.”

Black Tony has said from day one, “I don’t want a relationship”, which in turn makes him harder to get and that makes you more interested. Tim says “I am looking for one special lady to be with” and he’s “tired of playing games”, but this scares you because you think he is too “thirsty”, and you tell your friends he is a “cornball”. Tim doesn’t drink or smoke so you think he is boring to go out with. Black Tony spends all his money on weed and buying bottles in the club. You think you can stop him from smoking, but love his flashiness. Tim has great credit and an average car. Riding with Tim, makes you feel low budget. Black Tony has a charger on rims in his mother’s name. So now the end of the month comes. You’re talking to both guys, Tim when you are bored and Black Tony whenever you can catch up with him.

Basketball Wives the movie is coming out on Friday and you wanna go. Tim can’t take you because the rent’s due. Black Tony does something he has never done, but Tim did all the time. He actually took you to dinner and the movie. After that night you completely cut Tim off, because you think Black Tony has finally “changed”. One week later Black Tony asks you for 300 dollars, because his rent is short and says it’s because he took you out, despite dinner and movie only costing 80 bucks. Of course you give it to him with no problem, because he is your “man”…SMH. Most days you can’t find Black Tony because, surprise-surprise he is cheating on you. There is a reason he didn’t want a relationship, he was already in one! And you stay in denial about his cheating and say to yourself he really loves you despite never wanting to be around your friends or family.

He gives you “the forget your friends talk, they’re just jealous of what we got “. So you stop hanging around your closest friends as much as you used to, you stop partying, you stay in the house with intentions of seeing him, but he’s conveniently chilling with his boys. Eventually you start to realize Black Tony will never be the right guy for you, but you insist on staying. It takes three: “bitch stay away from my man” Facebook conversations and two text messages you weren’t supposed to see, to cause you to further snoop and “figure out” his voicemail passcode and hear all the messages from Tasha, his girlfriend. So after discovering Tasha you break up with Black Tony, and say ”why does this always happen to me?” But what you fail to realize is Black Tony has been the same from day one. He kept it real,  he wasn’t in it for the relationship.

A year goes by and you’re still bitter from the “emotional damage” that Black Tony left. So you’re scrolling through your friends list and you look Black Tony up and his most recent post says: “Bitches ain’t shit, money over everything” with a profile pic posted up in his mom’s basement. So you look up Tim on Facebook, it appears that the basic car got an upgrade to a S500, the small apartment is now a single family house and the chick on his arm isn’t you. Then there’s the post from his new girl about how blessed she is to have him in her life and what a wonderful caring man he is. Then you say to yourself… “I wish I had a guy like that….”

  1. Toya says:

    Ha!!! This post is soooo true. I have friends like this. Black Tony sex game was probably on point too though. lol… That can get you hooked..

    • Lisa says:

      @ Toya.. I agree. Tim sounds like a his sex is the worst. And he doesn’t manly enough. A real woman needs a real man. We need excitement. Tim seems extra lame.

      • Tim says:

        And here lies the problem… If they both have the same equipment why can’t you work with Tim and give him some tips on how to satisfy you? You know why Black Tony’s sex game is great? Because he’s had TONS of practice before you. Tim might not be as experienced, but every girl can’t say that she’s been with him either.

  2. Tim says:

    *Slow clap* Great post!

  3. Redskins The Delusion says:

    Ha! LOL You left out where the girl gets so desperate that she tries to have a baby by Black Tony to keep him. LOL This is come up story of every good man out here. LOL Its basically the story for most good hard working men. LOL It can also go for the high school sweet girl but she usually gets her revenge when she sees the dude in the street with a beer belly and dead broke. LOL

  4. Ed Lova says:

    LMAO… if I had a nickle for everytime I heard a female online complaining about their man. I would be living like my man Tim.

  5. Messin' with Sasquash says:

    Don’t forget Flashy Fred, and Thievin’ Theo!!! lol
    “Golf Clap” great post.. LOL
    Wake Up females!!!!

  6. Freddy says:

    Some females might get offended by this cause they know they are with Black Tony right now

  7. Messin' with Sasquash says:

    And my response(speaking for the “Good Guys”) to those females Freddy is…. “You Brought it on Yo’Self!!!!!(Martin voice)…lol

  8. King Dingaling says:

    I #Black Tony and not ashamed to admit it. I got three chick and two girlfriends on the side. Well they think they are my girlfriends. lmao… I don’t need to take females out they come to me. I don’t need to buy them things. they get me what I need. I don’t respect any of them for letting me treat them the way I do, but fck it.. it is what it is. I tell them from the jump. I don’t want a girlfriend, but they try anyway. Women love an asshole. Everybody knows that. I will settle down one day. But no time soon. Toya and Lisa come holla at me. Yall sound like you know what time it is..

  9. Call Me Mrs. Parker says:

    This is the story of any woman that’s had her heart broken. We typically always want the guy who wants us least, when we are in the teenage-early young adult phase. A real woman doesnt know what she wants from a man until she knows what she wants for herself. This usually takes years of mistakes, random hook-ups with old boyfriends, one-night stands and tracking down a few Tasha’s who are sleeping with “your man”

    By the time most woman give Tim the time of day, theyve been screwed over by Black Tony and Passionate Tim is obliged to only bang their back out as a late night jump-off, cause he aready found his potential Ms. Right.

  10. Messin' with Sasquash says:

    Weeeellll(Antoine Dodson voice) Mrs. Parker… Why do females correlate Tim, with being Soft, weak, “Too Nice”? continuously using the line in this blog “Where are the Good Single Men”..
    When do the excuses and blame game stop, so that responsibilty for their actions are taken? (hand you the mic back).. lol

    Many females will take Dog’em Samson, over Regular Randy just because of their good ol’ “Check List”…

  11. Frankie says:

    @ Toya @ Lisa…You both care more about the sex than you do whether or not he treats you right. And both of ya’ll prolly the one’s screaming there ain’t not good dudes out here…This is why we treat ya’ll like hoes…lls

  12. MrsScorpioJ says:

    Lmao @ Black Tony. And poor Tim. I have to say Black Tony wins because of the thrill as the post says, which is sad. Everybody likes a chase. Whether you like it or not. Tim was perfect but just to easy. Being a victim of the “Black Tony” you end up losing in the end b/c he warned you from the start and you had warnig signs to leave him. I get tired of females conplaining and whining saying that BS “about there are no good men out there”. Trick, they are out there… Stop wanting the fast cash, no or bad credit, no 401k, no benefits, no savings account Black Tony’s and you will be straight.

  13. Messin' with Sasquash says:

    SMH@ Mrs. Scorpio J….. and in about 2yrs it’s that thinking that will have those females crying “why can’t i find a good one” while their girls are all married…

  14. Big Blue says:

    It seems these ladies are erally feeling Black Tony. King Dingaling might be onto something.

  15. HogHeaven78 says:

    Black Tony Lives!!!

  16. JBar88TX says:

    That was a cool article. It’s funny that all the females feel Black Tony more than Tim

  17. Sam I Am says:

    @ JBar88TX…. yeah and these same females that are goosin’ and thirsty for Black Tony, will get dogged and be crying over “Dirtbag Bobby”…

  18. coco says:

    ha! i agree with mrs. parker it’s a phase that all women go through until we realize enough is enough and we deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. The problem with “Nice Guy” is there is no chemistry/attraction whereas with Black Tony there is. I think we need to hold out for the smart “nice” guy with swag potential or none at all loool.

  19. No Soup Fo' you!! says:

    Soo “CoCo” are you saying that because the guy is “Nice” there is no chemistry/attraction? Are you saying that females relate to Black Tony more? What “chemistry” do females have or like in a guy that treats them like dirt, cheats, mooches, and steals from them? That’s a** backwards..

    This lies the problem. Females “Look” for reasons NOT to like the “Good guy” instead, of reason to LIKE the “Good Guy..
    If you’re “attracting and building chemistry” with “Black Tony” all the time.. it’s not “Nice Tim’s” fault.. so why keep blaming the guys for “Lost Lucy’s” idiotic thought process?

    That’s Hogwash. I guess Frankie & King Dingaling are right… Females want the dirtbag with flash, not the well-rounded Good dude that doesn’t cause trouble.

    Sad thing is… Females today don’t have that “Eye” for talent.. yaw want to lock up the guy that’s already at the time.. not be the foundation of his Empire from the start… and use the “No good men” complaint as a crutch.

    I figured it out!!!!! We got too many Female Daniel Synders out chea….. not enough Ozzie Newsomes, Bill Bellichicks, or Bill Parcells… Haahaa(Jeezy voice)

  20. Shanerii says:

    Essence mag did a recent survey and 40% or more of the women chose the guy with “swag”/ hip hop image over the preppy looking guy and over the banker in a suit…..

    I believe you can find a good- man that is still rough around the edges or very manly…. He just doesn’t have to be a “scrub”. I prefer a good person who treats me excellent over a dude who has nothing going for himself/can’t off ish to a relationship /can only offer to f me good….

    In my younger years I was all about having fun, going to school, establishing a career but when you sow your royal oats and decide what you want is a committed monogamous relationship you don’t have time/energy to waste on dudes who can’t offer what you want and need.

  21. MoMo122583 says:

    “No soup fo you” makes a good point. Why is it that all the females are assuming, Black Tony is the next Wesley Pipes and Tim’s full name is “Tiny Tim”. The article didn’t say Tim was unattractive or lame. It just said he treated her like a queen. Female really need to evaluate their thought process. Something is truly wrong.

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