Shaunie O’Neal Says That Meeka Claxton Will NOT Be Returning to Basketball Wives

Posted: August 16, 2011 by DC Sports Bar in Basketball, Entertainment, Relationship Issues, Trends
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For those that are fans of the show Basketball Wives, Shaunie O’Neal has the latest for you regarding Meeka Claxton, Basketball Wives LA and more:

  1. Toya says:

    I knew that was coming Meeka was wack..

  2. Redskins The Delusion says:

    Jennifer and Eric are clearly still in love. She’s faking for her friends and he’s used to controlling her. They won’t get back together but I still see love. You don’t get that mad unless you still care a great deal. You don’t throw a party and the party is all about you soon to be ex-wife.

    Evelyn definitely picks her battles but she’s hard to put a finger on. When she’s with the girls she’s a complete b*tch. She’s stuck up and definitely a gold digger. When she’s with Chad, her daughter and her mother she’s a humble sweet person. I still don’t understand why her mother and sister lives in the PJ’s in NYC. I think that alone should speak volumes about her true character.

    Tami’s a lush. Once drinks go down, its going down. She’s real but she needs to chill out a bit. She’s damn near 40 fighting like a school girl. She needs to have more sense.

    Suzi is a get with. She told on Royce trying to be a kiss up. She don’t want no drama. After they alienated her last season her spineless *ss is still on their hip. LOL

    That new chick came on the show all wrong. She was trying to get on the cool girls good side but she got exposed quickly and they all turned on her even the ones out the circle.

    Royce is my personal favorite (although she’s a huge bamma). She does her and she don’t care what they have to say about it. She keeps the most real and she don’t hold her tongue. She reminds me of me a little. LOL She’s the coolest one, she even exposed Shaunie’s *ss last season. Tami fools with Royce because Royce keeps it real and she don’t run her mouth.

    Shaunie is cool but she can be a b*tch too. She has the most sense on the show other than when she ganged up on Royce for not wanting to hang with them when she was clearly being ganged up on. Yeah she faked like she was sick so she didn’t have to put with the drama on her vacation. SMH I’m not going to another country and spend time with people I don’t trust. SMH

    The End!

  3. Messin' with Sasquash says:

    All these “women”(and i use that term loosely) are straight jokes!!! Especially Evelyn, she’s queen dirtbag. The fact that her only claim to fame is sleeping with other people’s companions/spouses, & stalking professional athletes shows the lack of extent to her intellect!

    This is the PRIME example of a female you “Don’t” bring home to mom, or show off to the fellas..

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