Shanahan: “John Beck will start” on Friday

Posted: August 16, 2011 by DC Sports Bar in Football
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It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

After getting a good look at Rex Grossman in the Redskins’ first preseason game against the Steelers, we’ll finally have the chance to see what John Beck brings to the table this Friday against the Indianapolis Colts.

Will he impress the legions of Skins fans who scratched their heads this offseason when Shanahan named him the starter, or will he raise the bar of delusion to new heights?

Friday will set the tone for John Beck’s tenure in Washington for better or for worse. Are we ready? Talk about it!

  1. Big Blue says:

    we finally get to see Beck. Real interested in what he can do. If he can just manage game and make the simple plays we will have a good season. Rex is feast or famine. He could look good one day then stink the next.

  2. One Delusional Fan says:

    I’m not completely sold on our QB situation. In the offseason they were sicing Beck like he was Aaron Rodgers. I definitely want to see how he looks this week. I still feel like we’re going after one of the top three QB’s that will be in the 2012 Draft. I won’t make any assumptions or judgements until I see Beck play. Even though Rex had a nice little showing last week, he’s still ver inconsistant like @Big Blue said. He’s been the league for a lil while now so he’s definitely a good back up.

  3. Messin' with Sasquash says:

    Skins Stink!!!!!!!!!! Who cares…. no matter who yaw have there.. there is still O-line problems…

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