Kobe Goes “Rat” On Man In Church?

Posted: August 16, 2011 by DC Sports Bar in Basketball, News
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Kobe going "Rat"

Depending on who you ask, Kobe Bryant has a history of being a great guy.  On the flipside, there are people who would tell you that he’s a bad guy in a heartbeat.  My guess is that the truth is somewhere in between.  There’s likely a thin line between Kobe and the Black Mamba and you’d much rather meet Kobe than Mamba, especially in church.  According to CBS Los Angeles it all went down like this:

“Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant is accused of injuring a man at a Southland church. Bryant allegedly grabbed a man’s wrist and cell phone at St. Therese of Carmel in San Diego Sunday.

The man claims Bryant thought he had taken pictures of him and his family on his cell phone, but returned the phone after discovering there were no pictures.

The alleged victim claims he had to go to the hospital to treat a wrist injury. Police in San Diego are now investigating. Bryant has not commented on the incident.” 

Now it sounds like Kobe was trying to have a peaceful Sunday morning with ‘Nessa and the girls when a guy decided to exploit him and his family for a few bucks or a pat on the back from his buddies.  In 2011 when your phone is held up in someone’s direction you’re either trying to take a pic or record them. Kobe probably suspected the most likely scenario and “allegedly” decided to take matters into his own hands. I don’t blame him if it’s true.

Can you imagine not even being able to go to church in peace?  Chances are, Kobe snatched his phone and that was it. The guy being injured is another reminder of what 2011 brings. 15 minutes, a few dollars, and this guy will be satisfied. Who cares what the price is for the Mamba and his family. “Greed is good.” – Gordon Gecko

Let’s just hope that the man lives nowhere near Los Angeles because Lakers fans want no parts of anyone who would dare put anything on the tracks to distract the train from rolling to number 6.

  1. Mo Mo says:

    LEBRON!!! that is all..

  2. Yea dude was a creep lookin for a quick come up #LakeShow

  3. MoMo122583 says:

    Kobe is an asshole..

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