Woman Problems: Journalist writes “I Made Out With a Married Man, and Then I Told His Wife”

Posted: August 15, 2011 by DC Sports Bar in Relationship Issues
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My first reaction to this column in Huffington Post was summed up with a look that only Yung Humma can give:

Yung Humma says WTF?

Then I regained my composure and decided to let our readers decide what they think about this story…

Delaine Moore writes:

“So I made out with another woman’s husband a couple of weeks ago.

That’s right. This here divorce and dating expert got conned by a handsome, sweet- talking cheater.

Back up and let me explain:

It was 6 p.m. on a Tuesday night, right in the middle of the Calgary Stampede. The city — and the bars — were packed to the hilt; locals and tourists all playing cowboy/cowgirl.

Shortly after my girlfriends and I arrived at the bar, “Mr. Smooth” descended upon us, inviting us upstairs to a private company party. Off we went… and over the next half hour it became quickly transparent that Mr. Smooth was very interested in me.

He told me he was divorced. Not just divorced but happily divorced. He talked about his single life, his wonderful children, his fulfilling career…

The more I talked to him, the more my attraction to him grew. His energy, his smarts, were sucking me in. I knew he was from Edmonton, and I really don’t like the out-of-town thing… but he kept commenting on how intense our ’emotional connection’ was; how he really wanted to take me out for a proper elegant dinner and get to know me; how he wasn’t just about wanting to have sex. (He also knew it was out of the question cause I had to get home to my kids.)

I’m not going to get into too much more detail; suffice it to say we spent the next seven hours together. Lots of talking, lots of major heavy petting, dancing, drinking, holding hands as we wandered through the bar. And I’ll admit it — I was pretty taken with him. That doesn’t happen to me often. Though I’m sure the drinks I’d consumed helped things along…

The bomb came a day and half later. That’s when I found out he was married. How? Not through him, I assure you. One of his friends accidentally let the cat out of the bag to one of my girlfriends.

I was mad. Not just mad, I was furious that this guy the audacity to lie to my face over and over all night long — and he was so good at it. More than that, he mislead me. And for what? So he could feel a different set of boobs for a night? So he could feel like a stud? So what if it was Stampede time, so what if others say “anything goes” during that week. That was bullshit to me. This guy was out doing whatever in the hell he wanted, wasting my time, playing with MY body and MY brain, while meanwhile, I betcha he had a lovely, faithful, sweet wife at home waiting for him to text her goodnight.

Over the next few hours, old hurt resurfaced; my emotions were reacting so strongly I knew something past was being triggered in me: I could relate to ‘her’ — how she’d be home waiting, trusting, taking care of the home, taking care of the kids… while husband dearest was out trying to f*** anything that moved.


I found her on Facebook. I looked at her photo and every cell in my body screamed, “You were her. You were her and no one told you for years of your husband’s goings-on. Why would you, of all people, deprive her of that knowledge?”

So I wrote her. And I told her. More than that, we spoke on the phone. And when I got off the phone with her I cried. I cried cause I knew how hard it was for her to listen to what I said. I could feel my hands shaking and blood racing as if in unison with hers. I could feel her world crashing in. I could feel the piercing stab of betrayal through her heart.

But when my tears subsided and my blood calmed, I could only think of her final words to me: “Thank you. Thank you for having the courage to tell me.”

And I held my shoulders back knowing I’d made the right choice — for her and me.”

Soooooooooooo…because she was deceived for a night, she took it upon herself to ruin a man’s marriage? Really? That’s how we’re rolling in 2011? Fellas, be careful out there…

Ladies, how do feel about this?

I Made Out With a Married Man, and Then I Told His Wife 

  1. MJ Fan says:

    Yo, thats something out of a Tyler Perry movie. I guess woman hate in Canada also, cause she herself got conned by dude.

  2. Angry Black Man says:

    She must’ve really thought her club night stand was gonna grow into a relationship… Calling a man’s wife though? That’s foul. Flag on the play. lol

  3. Redskins The Delusion says:

    *Grinding my teeth as I type* This chick was so embarrassed that she fell for a man off one night of conversation and affection all the while he was happily married. This chick really thought she was right by telling the man’s wife. If nothing happened as she protested then why o why did she feel the need to tell his wife? I’ll tell why because like a soar loser she couldn’t take the fact that he won. For that one night he was everything she wanted in a man. She probably told her friends and family about how she met Prince Charles. She said one of his friends slipped up or did she and her friend trip his friend up? I still don’t understand why she had to tell his wife. It appears that she wanted to one up him and exposing him to his wife would be more gratifying than to approach him. On the other hand, she probably told his wife so that the wife will leave him opening a door for her snitchin *ss! LOL Women are something else. You can’t tell me this wasn’t merely a scorned woman’s revenge. SMH I bet some sympathetic women are eating this sh*t up. What was her goal? What did she ultimately prove? She had a non-sexual one night stand with the perfect man, who turned out to be married…#revenge

  4. Messing with Sasquash says:

    Interesting… I’m not sure how to respond to this one… Your “Young Humma” face was perfect!!!! LOL

    In all seriousness, Dude got what he deserved… How many times have guys said it… “DTA out chea fellas. Don’t Trust Anyone.. especially a female.. He was creeping in his freaking backyard, and didn’t think to make sure the gate was close so his idiot friends couldn’t stubbling on the scene and trigger the porch light..
    We all know women are the MOST vengful creatures on earth… Why make it easy for them and play around in your on your own turf!!

    *Que scene from 4 Brothers.. “You don’t pay a hoe to F*K.. you pay her to leave, that’s why i said hire Out of town killas.” lol

  5. Roxie says:

    I totally agree Sasquash. I don’t like the whole moral role some may take about he shouldn’t have done it because frankly the world doesn’t turn like that. I’m talking you gotta be super careful. You wanna get your rocks off, be smart about it. You never shit where you eat and he did. Next time go out of town.

  6. Toya says:

    Dude shouldn’t have been. It’s good men out here anymore. She didn’t know he was married then once she found out she let the wife know and apologized for her mistake. I can’t believe these dudes on here are actually mad at the female..

  7. Redskins The Delusion says:

    @Toya Nothing happened, no harm no foul…*shrugs* She danced it up with ol boy, had great liquor filled conversation and that was about it. It wasn’t like she was having an affair with him. The wife will be mad but he didn’t do anything so he’ll fine after a couple of weeks once it blow over.

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