We Need More Than A “MADDEN” Option

Posted: August 15, 2011 by DC Sports Bar in Football, Trends
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2012 Madden

Remember when there was actually another football video game other than “MADDEN”. Not saying that I don’t enjoy the Madden series but I believe in the right of choice. For every Mercedes-Benz, you have the choice of BMW, Audi, etc. Basically you have the right to go with a competitor other than the given. I feel that video games needs this diversity. Madden has set the standard for football video games, but NFL 2k was not a slouch of a game by any means. Hopefully the NFL will not renew its contract with EA Sports, so maybe we can a different game one day. Until then, game on!

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  1. Somethin Like Ah Business says:

    i agree, but the problem is the money that is being garnered through EA. when you have a Hall of Fame coach backing, not just the design, but the EVER so important game play, it makes it tough for other vender to compete. Back when 2K was threating they were on the cusp of a battle. But they shot themselves in the foot with one minor detail… ‘Playcalling’. it resembles the days of Tecmo-Bowl, and not the new age “Post-corner drag slot” routes we actually see in games. Not to mention the “fairy tale option of playing your ALL_WORLD receiver at CB, so NO one can catch a pass (SHOT). lol

    NFL2K9 did have a better player-to-player evaluation than Madden. if a player was a burner, such as Steve Smith, you wouldn’t see 34yr old All-Harris, running step for step with him. If a player ran Crisp routes a la, Chad Johnson… often burned D’Angelo Hall, wouldn’t be able to “keep up” with him on anything but a “Go” route…

    That’s just my take… Hopefully Some nerd is in the lab working on the next big thing.. if not.. I guess I have to crack my knuckles and get funky myself!!!!

    • COWBOYS 4 LIFE!! says:

      2k is some ish.. Madden is the greatest sports series ever. It’s like M.J in his prime. There is no competition..

  2. TM103 says:

    I agree if NFL 2K was still being made vs Madden, you would have a NBA 2K/NBA Live situation

  3. Somethin Like Ah Business says:

    I’m waiting for the day that these Game designing jerks just give us a way to play XBoxers vs Ps3s on one giant Gaming network!! ((POW))

  4. Darren McMadden says:

    We don’t need another option. Madden is the king. There was competition, but EA killed it.

  5. MJ Fan says:

    EA killed it, or bought it. If thats the case, why is live so bad compared to 2k?

  6. why did EA give Hillis a darker tint like he’s black for the cover? or am is my cpu color meter off lol

  7. Ladies Love Cool James says:

    He does look like a beige brother on that cover!

  8. Moe betta Mo chedda says:

    EA sports has it on the football game tip. 2k football was never close thats why they sold it for 20 bucks. For the cheap people to buy and try to compare it to madden Get the fuck out of here *axil foley voice*. Madden will forever be the best just because they are to far ahead of anyone else. NBA live is some shit because EA uses a bigger budget for madden. If they paid more attention to detail like they do with madden then live would actually be better(the graphics are already better shrugs).

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