With the new madden on the horizon here are the top five rated players at QB.

#1 Tom Brady: 99 overall

Tom Brady is the only quarterback to score a 99 overall this year, also boasting 98 awareness, 95 throwing power, 97 accuracy, 99 stamina, 95 toughness, 98 throwing accuracy short, 96 throwing accuracy middle, and 89 throwing accuracy deep. However… With 58 speed and 57 acceleration he may be vulnerable to pressure. So just like the real life Brady you are going to have read the quickly and get rid of the ball.

#2 Peyton Manning: 98 overall

One of the few mercy/career rankings in this years game. 98 is to high for an aging Manning who is coming off another surgery. Madden (gurus) feel his arm is still the same. Manning boast 94 throwing power, 96 throwing accuracy, 96 throwing accuracy short, 92 throwing accuracy middle, and 86 throwing accuracy deep. Manning beats Brady is in awareness (99) and foot speed (60 speed).

#3 Aaron Rodgers: 98 overall

The Super Bowl MVP is a little undervalued to me on this years Madden. But he does have a cannon arm and enough to possibly be the best QB in the game despite the rating. The Super Bowl MVP has 79 speed and 84 acceleration, not to mention 95 throwing power and 92 throwing accuracy. Awareness is an 88, but your gameplay can make that a little better.

#4 Philip Rivers: 96 overall

While Rivers has more awareness than Rodgers (94 to 88), he doesn’t have the arm strength or mobility of the Packers QB. Rivers’ numbers include 63 speed, 90 throwing power, 96 throwing accuracy, and 98 toughness.

#5 Drew Brees: 96 overall

He’s one of the most accurate passers in the game, highlighted by 99 throwing accuracy short, 92 throwing accuracy middle, and 85 throwing accuracy deep. Add to that a score of 88 for play-action and 77 for throwing on the run. Brees has no weakness. The Saints are going to used by a lot of people this year.

After looking at this list the first question from most, more than likely is.. “Where is Mike Vick”, but remember this is only the top five and I’m sure he’s right under this group. Do you disagree with Madden 12’s top five? If not tell us how your list would look.

  1. Rick says:

    Here’s my top five

    1. Brady
    2. Vick
    3. Rodgers
    4. Brees
    5. Romo

  2. Messing with Sasquash says:

    What douche actually listed Romo!!?!?!!

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