Preseason: Redskins vs Steelers Recap

Posted: August 15, 2011 by DC Sports Bar in Football
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Now that the dust has settled following the Redskins 16-7 preseason win over the Steelers, it’s time to determine the winners and losers as we draw closer to finalizing the 53-man roster:

Brandon Banks‘ injured knee is a major concern, but once again he is one of the most electrifying players on the field whenever he touches the ball. Banks returned a kickoff 58 yards — no easy feat with the new rules — and had a nifty 19-yard punt return.

The Redskins will have to decide if Banks is worth keeping around when he only touches the ball a handful of times per game. Granted each time he’s a threat to score, but he isn’t an option at receiver.

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  1. Mo Mo says:

    Skins looked better than expected!! Feeling optimistic about whats to come.. Hightower is a beast!!!

  2. Lex Luther says:

    Team is young and fast, that’s completely different from previous years. I love that we didn’t get a QB this year. We building the core and the RIGHT QB will be ising on the cake….

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