“Do You Fools Listen To Music, Or Do You Just Skim Through It?”

Posted: August 15, 2011 by DC Sports Bar in Entertainment
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I was just informed that the DMV’s own Wale has released a new song cleverly titled “Chain Music.”  At first glance you would think that the self-proclaimed “conscious rapper” has sold his soul for a hit record. Everyone who’s familiar with Mr. Folarin’s music catalog knows that his best music has yet to reach the mass audience that “No Hands” (his biggest hit to date) did. In some people’s eyes, Wale is jumping from ship to ship to finally be at the top of Hip Hop’s elite. The problem that Wale has is pushing his “conscience” yet often emotional lyrics to millions of would be fans.

In the song, “Chain Music” Wale seems to challenge the common listener and the deep thinker. One can easily be fooled into believing that this is just a typical “my chain is more gaudy than yours” song.  In fact, when I gave it a twirl the first time I said to myself, “down south club beat, swag lyrics…blah blah blah.” Which goes back to our younger days when our mothers used to tell us never judge a book by its cover. That’s exactly what I got out the song the second time I heard it. He’s basically saying that “silly b*tches” didn’t notice him until he started being featured on down south club songs and wearing his MMG chain.

I really like this song. I always said it would be cool to hear a conscious rapper spit on a club banging down south beat and include a message in the song. The common listener will just bob their heads, do their dance but the deep thinkers will bob their heads, do their dance but yet have a smirk on their face because of the nature of the song. That’s how you kill two birds with one stone.

Jay- Z said in a song some years back, “Do you fools listen to music, or do you just skim though it?” If you don’t actually listen to the lyrics you won’t get this song. If you don’t listen to lyrics you may not get any song from extreme lyrics to the more simple lyrics. Lyrics empower the song, not just the beat and hook people. I applaud Wale on this song.

Below is some of the lyrics to Wale’s new song, “Chain Music” that I interpreted:

“Now them broads gon’ follow
(Chain so big, can’t pop my collar)
Silly bitches gon’ follow
(Chain so big, can’t pop my colla)

Look, she so stingy with vagina
But why it open when them niggas get to shining?
I was hoping you would notice where my mind at
Put money in the book, I bet these bitches wouldn’t find it
Look, okay this chain music, fuck how them lame’s do it
You chained to it, your brain’s been way to influenced
I been dope, cold nigga for sure
But where I’m from there ain’t no love for no broke nigga
She seen that geechi shit, ain’t been to church since
Pray to whoever got on the biggest of crucifix
Lord Lord forgive us, personality flash
And my license is suspended, so I hide it
I don’t spend it, did I get y’all attention?
She can’t escape the chain, shoutout to ?
Shoutout to Maybach Music, my logic is getting money
Spitting something real, let the people know, and still love it”

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  1. Lex Luther says:

    I kinda feel like that lady did Taye Diggs in Brown Sugar. It’s just too many mickey mouse rappers out here and the ones that distinguish themselves early get the full benefit of a thorough listen. I mean who really has the time or energy to listen to everyone’s mixtape?

  2. Messing with Sasquash says:

    This is straight garbage. Who in the right mind would even entertain this Hogwash?!?!?!? No seriously. The person that posted this should slap himself for even reading this article through and allowing his thoughts to Con his fingers into this gaudy chain reaction!!!!

    Wale’ is headed down the path of being known as the Lable “Karrine Steffand”… Hopping from label to label, giving the best “head” tracks just good enough to stay relevant. Haahaa!!
    Rap has gone to the toilets, and unfortunately, i don’t see a single person out even worth an “early” download.

  3. Redskins The Delusion says:

    @Messing with Sasquash Did you even read the post or did you skim through it? LOL Its sad you don’t feel anyone’s worth a dowload. Maybe you should try listening to another genre music…*shrugs* Regardless how you may feel about Wale, his music speaks for itself. He’s tried putting out his type of music for years but he never got the attention he deserved. Now that he’s with MMG people are starting to cast him as a ship jumper?!? Dude is releasing 16 tracks this week. That’s hard work and dedication to his craft. I support anyone who’s willing to put for the effort in any situation. Did you even listen to the song or read the lyrics? You may trying doing that first before commenting.

  4. i admire Wale for his skills but as a person…i cannot mess with this guy. be arguing with homos nd females on twitter. smh. he need to grow up.

  5. Clean Patrol says:

    I mean its aight, but Wale faking with MMG how you go from Poet to thug?

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