New Music: She Will – Lil Wayne Ft. Drake

Posted: August 14, 2011 by DC Sports Bar in Entertainment
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Lil Wayne releases another new single titled “She Will” off the upcoming anticipated “Tha Carter IV” album, featuring fellow Young Money label mate Drake lending vocals to the hook.

Even though Drake doesn’t have a verse on the album version; something tells me he’ll be releasing his remix sometime in the future. Until then Wayne’s sticking with the YM technique of making hot tracks, “and we goin be alright if we put Drake on every hook…”

Album drops Aug. 29th.

Download: She Will–Lil’ Wayne Ft. Drake

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  1. Redskins The Delusion says:

    This song cranks hard. Where’s the version with Rick Ross? He sices this joint. This song is good but on the real it sounds like a typical Lil Wayne and Drake song.

  2. Fly Guy says:

    Lil Wayne is hottest in the game!!! Can’t wait for the next album..

  3. MJ Fan says:

    This shit bump!

  4. Panama Jack says:


  5. Somethin Like Ah Business says:

    Song is trash, just like the rest of Hip Hop. #stamped

  6. Lex Luther says:

    Kinda looking for something stronger from Wayne on Carter 4. Drake to me is kinda in a role where he is too Nate Doggy for me. The harmonizing is cool but if you a rapper maybe you should do more rapping. I’m just over there Lionel Ricthie of HipHop thing.

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