Movie Minute: Hoop Dreams

Posted: August 14, 2011 by DC Sports Bar in Basketball, Entertainment
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If you’re black, under 35, and living in America you probably have a nice collection of urban basketball movies that you pop in from time to time.  Growing up, I played basketball with every bit of spare time that I had, and actually believed that I had a shot of making it to the NBA.  These movies fueled my delusion because Jesus Shuttlesworth, Kyle E. Watson, and Sidney Deane were the S-H-I-T and so was I!  At least I thought so before getting cooked out on the court a few times too many.  lol  Basketball and film are a match made in heaven because the sport is poetry in motion.  Add a few jokes, some drama, and a little nudity from time to time and you’ve got classics.  This is easily the golden era of Hollywood sports movies in my opinion.  Which movies mean the most to you and why?

  1. One Delusional Fan says:

    Man this was a real challenge for me. I would say three of those movies empacted me. White Men Can’t Jump, was easily the funniest basketball movie. I used to love watching the beginning of the movie. I actually stole a bunch of clever jokes from this movie. To this day if you were to blirt out any famous quote from this movie someone could finish your statement.

    Above The Rim was one of my favorite movies on that list. Kyle E. Watson was a baller. Besides the great story line they had some great basketball clips from that movie. What I remember the most about this movie besides Marlon Wayans character was the soundtrack. The soundtrack for this movie was vicious! Kyle E. Watson had some much desire to be the best. Great movie.

    He Got Game wtih my man Jesus Shuttlesworth. Everyone remembers the scene when he went to visit I believe UCLA with Rick Fox and those two girls….that was a RAW scene. LOL The storyline behind the movie was fantastic. That movie tough.

    Love And Basketball…this movie actually opened the gates to romantic movies for me. At this time I was 17 years old and didn’t believe in all that sentimental stuff. When my ex-girlfriend asked me to see the movie I was like IDK it looks kind of passinate. We ended up going and freaking fell in love with Sanaa Lathan. She was a baller in that movie. I remember the Maxwell song when they officially got it together. LOL Love And Basketball is a classic movie.

    Great Blog.

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