Kevin Hart: Laugh at his Pain, But not his Game…?

Posted: August 14, 2011 by DC Sports Bar in Basketball
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I don’t know what to make of this video, but apparently there was some sort of challenge between former Laker and current NBA Free Agent Shannon Brown and Comedian Kevin Hart.  Kev aka Chocolate Droppa can be seen here playing some great defense against Brown and even draining a 3-pointer in his face. He follows all of that up with some “Don’t disrespect me!” trash talk.  Ahhhh, nothing gets the blood going like a Pro getting schooled by a Joe.  Shannon Brown got funky at the end but by that point it didn’t matter. I also spotted Terrence J and Lisa Leslie in the video so I’m assuming this is on the set of Steve Harvey’s new movie “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man”. Check out the video after the jump!


Bow Wow on the other hand had nothing for NBA great Kobe Bryant:


Like Mike?

  1. One Delusional Fan says:

    K. Hart jive gave Shannon Brown that J. Terry out there. LOL *Punt intended* LOL Kobe was so pressed out there. LOL He wouldn’t even let Bow Wow shoot. Bow Wow has no pat, I would’ve bopped Kobe out there and dunked on him. LOL

  2. J Dizzle says:

    K. Hart would get housed by Brian McKnight, remember them old rock n jocks from MTV…

  3. One Delusional Fan says:

    Brian McKnight was out there mixing on that court. I still think my man K. Hart will drop some buckets on him though. LOL

  4. Ballaholic says:

    I remember Brian McKnight used to ball in those Penny 1’s. Speaking of Rock n’ Jock, Nelly owned football.

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