DMV native Kevin Durant is still tearing it up

Posted: August 14, 2011 by DC Sports Bar in Basketball
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Yesterday we showed you Kevin Durant’s dazzling 66 point performance at Rucker Park, one of the greatest performances the park has ever seen. Well, a few days later KD was still at it. Check out the story and video after the jump!

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“Apparently scoring 107 points over two days while hooping in NYC this past week, in addition to his 2 NBA scoring titles already in hand, wasn’t enough to keep a local fan from trying to get under Kevin Durant’s skin during a game at Nike Pro City.  

Fresh off dropping 66 points outdoors in Harlem’s famous Rucker Park, then finishing off a vicious tomahawk jam over childhood friend Michael Beasley, the Durantula scored another 41 points indoors in the Nike Pro City League.

I’m no math major but that equals 107 points scored against some of the best competition out there this Summer. Most fans would be happy to be sitting courtside to bear witness to one of Durant’s masterful scoring outputs, but one annoying fan was caught on camera, playing the role of heckler.

The man’s identity was unknown to the rest of the nation but his home-boys probably are giving him the stink-face after Durant played through the heckler constantly chanting “Baby Lebron” and “Russell Westbrook” before unceremoniously serving up a game tying 3 pointer, then knocking down the game winning shot in overtime.

I guess the words “eat crow” are appropriate here as Durant can be seen smiling and waving bye-bye to the annoying heckler as he walks off the court. I guess that’s more appropriate than giving a fan the smush-face like Beasley recently up at the Rucker.” 

Durantula takes another step towards legendary status…

  1. One Delusional Fan says:

    Durant is personally my favorite player in the league. He’s one of those guys that knows his talent but works hard to be better. He’s a rare NBA player, hard worker, he’s a student of the game, he’s down to earth, he’s humble at the same time he’ll drop 40 on you. Some of these young players should really pay attention to the way Durant has carried himself on and off the court. He’s definitely going for the NBA Elite Crown. If he keeps working he’ll be the best. All he has to do is keep exciting everyone on the court. This summer he’s been everywhere that a basketball was played. He easily had the best dunk of the summer when he threw it off the glass and dunked it. That was nasty!

    This video is pretty funny because dude had the, “I Eat *ss Face” at the end of the video. LOL

  2. J Dizzle says:

    I think Durant will win a title in the next 3-4 years.

  3. One Delusional Fan says:

    I can agree with this. Durant is the truth.

  4. Fly Guy says:

    Durant is over rated.. He is NOT top five in the league.

  5. Lex Luther says:

    Durant is a good player but too many people throw around accolades without proper time to soak in. RIght now Durant has a scoring title and he plays great in summer league games. How long before he will be trashed for not playing in June?

  6. Redskins The Delusion says:

    @Lex Luther It seems that you’re comparing his situation to one Lebron James. You ask when will he receive the urgency to win a title. Because he stays humble and the fact that he hasn’t crowned himself basketball King will surely award him more time to reach his Championship goal. The mere fact that he’s taken the worst team in the league (at one point) to the Western Conference Finals is an accomplishment in itself. He didn’t join an NBA AAU team and pronounce how many Championships he wants to win. He’s doing everything under the radar and doing it the right way. Maybe someone else should steal a page from his book.

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