Will Vince Young See The Field This Year?

Posted: August 11, 2011 by DC Sports Bar in Football

Mike Vick and Vince Young chat at Eagles camp

Will Vince Young have a chance to show his stuff this year?  Given Michael Vick’s style of play and injury history, there’s a chance.

How will he handle it? Is he ready to regain his reputation as a winner?  For those that think he’s anything but, he has a 30-17 career record as a starter.  With the weapons that the Eagles have acquired this offseason, the NFC East is gonna be the best reality show on television. T.O. anyone?

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  1. I feel that any hope Vince has of becoming a responsible and mentally prepared NFL QB, he needs to sit back this year and listen. Certain organizations have the ability to mold and elevate the market value of players and the Eagles are one of them. Vick went through a tremendous amount of chaos and frankly wasn’t a finished product when they picked him up. Whatever Vince does, seeing the field this season should not be one of them

  2. As an avid Eagles fan, I think VY is solely on the team incase of a Vick injury (God forbid).

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