Who Is The Starting Quarterback?

Posted: August 11, 2011 by DC Sports Bar in Football

Can Rex Back his guarantee?

As expected, the Redskins traded quarterback Donovan McNabb when the lockout was lifted, acquiring up to two sixth-round picks from the Minnesota Vikings. And as expected, it provided zero clarity to the team’s quarterback position.

Throughout the player-run workouts during the lockout, John Beck has operated as if he were the starting quarterback, even though the 2007 second-round pick of the Miami Dolphins has not started or even appeared in an NFL game since his rookie season, when he ranked 49th among 51 qualifying quarterbacks in passing DYAR. So eager was Beck to get into the team’s facility and meet with the team’s coaching staff, he showed up a day early and was turned away by security staff that didn’t recognize him.

Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan brought in free agent Kellen Clemens, who spent last season as the No. 3 quarterback behind Mark Sanchez and Mark Brunell with the New York Jets, and re-signed Rex Grossman, who finished the 2010 season as the Redskins’ starting quarterback. In those three games, which included two opponents — the Cowboys and Jacksonville Jaguars — who ranked near the bottom of the league in pass defense DVOA, Grossman completed 55.6 percent of his 126 pass attempts for 840 yards with seven touchdowns and four interceptions. He finished the season with a DYAR of minus-76 and DVOA of minus-19.1 percent.

Shanahan doesn’t expect to announce a starting quarterback until the end of training camp, but having to choose from three quarterbacks who haven’t played extensively since 2007 — the same season Shanahan was molding Jay Cutler into a Pro Bowl quarterback — is a clear sign that the position will be a top priority in the 2012 draft.

  1. Somethin Like Ah Business says:

    Skins have a better chance of winning with Kellen Clemens. He has the most experience, and his decision making is much better than GROSSman, and John Beck. Not sure what Shanny is trying to prove but this looks like its setting up to be a loooooong season for Skins fans, if Rex is starting.

  2. Hail to the Skins says:

    Beck will be this year’s comeback player of the year.. He’s got the heart of a lion..

  3. Somethin Like Ah Business says:

    Maybe you should wake up.. too much sleeps isn’t good for your health.. Beck can’t even hold the Beer he’s names after.. Might as well just plan to watch Rex GROSSman for 16….well.. let’s make it 7 games this year!!! lol Haahaaa (Nelson from the Simpsons voice)

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