Skins Offseason Moves and Predictions…

Posted: August 11, 2011 by DC Sports Bar in Football
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IMO.. The Redskins have quietly had one of best offseasons in the league. They were able to strategically trade down ending up with 12 picks. At least four are thought to be major contributors this season. Kerrigan, Jenkins, Hankerson and Helu. In an addition by subtraction situation. They got rid of all the locker room distractions as well as aging players.

Instead if just adding the sexy name they went out and got substance. Revamping the defense. Starting with Otogwe, who when healthy was a Pro Bowl safety to go along with Laron Landry. A poor run stopping defense adds three new starters. (Once Jenkins is fully acclimated). Barry Cofield back at the position he played in college. Nose guard. Coming out of college the Giants changed him from a 3-4 nose to a 4-3 DT. So he is very comfortable in a 3-4 system. Then a young athletic pass rusher in Stephen Bowen. A player the Cowboys really wanted to resign. If Kerrigan has a slightly above year opposite Orakpo this defense could be very good. The Skins were 6-10 last year with the 31st ranked defense in the league. This year with a ball control offense, the defense can finish somewhere around the middle of the pack, I don’t think it’s to far-fetched to say they could win 2-3 more games this season.  That’s my opinion.. What’s yours???

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  1. Lakeshow We The Best says:

    They did pretty good I guess, but the most disturbing thing is the QB situation. You let McNabb walk away for peanuts to name John Beck the starter? What in the Shanahan is going on over there! I understand playing for next year’s QB class, but McNabb would’ve been a heck of a stop gap to put in place with the new additions… Skins can’t get right. smh

    • McNabb thought he was Willie Beamen out there and just freestyling. How as a coach can you control and lead a team when the starting QB had no regard for what your were asking him to do

      J dot P

  2. Redskins The Delusion says:

    The Redskins really surprised me on sticking to their guns and allowing this organization to build on draft picks and adding players based on need rather than big names. I must admit I was a little on the fence with not going at the big names as I’ve been accustomed to but I can see where the organization is going. We need a good team not just one player who’s used to doing things their way compromising the team. I’ll admit I didn’t like how we treated McNabb. We had one of the worst offensive lines last season and just because he didn’t agree with Lil Shanahan he shouldn’t in no way been benched. I guess the coach wanted to see if we would miss a beat without him this year. Although I’m thrilled we went out and acquired 3-4 defense type players I’m still skeptical about our offensive line. We need to draft a center, a right guard and a right tackle. If we can get good production from our defense and offensive line we should be a pretty good team this season.

    • Hail to the Skins says:

      We resigned Jamal Brown at right tackle. If healthy he is probowl type player. We got rid of Casey Rabach so we upgraded at center. I think our line just like the rest of the team will be better this year.

  3. Lakeshow We The Best says:

    If I tell you I’m a gardner and you ask me to simply cut the grass, what do you expect? lol

  4. Somethin Like Ah Business says:

    Skins Suck!!!! Just pack up and move to LA!!! *ZiNg*

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