Clean Buns: Rihanna hits Barbados

Posted: August 11, 2011 by DC Sports Bar in Clean Team, Entertainment
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Rihanna at Carnival

When is the next flight to Barbados? Am I the only one that noticed that Rihanna is over there getting loose wit’ it and stopping just short of letting Bruce Bruce hit it?

She’s had her up and down moments, but right now she has me like Clay Davis…

Would I risk a man down situation?

“Sheeeeeeeeeeeit”…I just might. LOL

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  1. Big Mac says:

    I bet she out there getting real nasty too.. Rihanna is crazy.. So you know she a freak…

  2. T-Rex says:

    Rih-Rih kinda on the skinny side but she been really creepin up on that “she can get it” area. It’s something about her that just says, “put it in now!”

  3. CV says:

    Reviewing the results of google I stumbled on this page. I really liked it, and certainly I will fly my friends.

  4. apple23abc says:

    that ain’t ordinary bruh

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