NBA Lockout = AAU Gone Global?

Posted: August 11, 2011 by DC Sports Bar in Basketball
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The fun is just beginning...

Think about it for a second…

You feel me?

As a basketball fan, I’ve watched David Stern add 2 international teams during his legendary tenure. Vancouver (now Memphis) and Toronto. NBA international has been almost as big of a dream for Mr. Stern as the WNBA’s (Why Not Baseball’s Atrocious) success. Teams have played overseas regularly and most superstars spend their offseasons headlining tours sponsored by Nike and Adidas, all to the pleasure of Mr. Stern. Until now. Now the chickens have come home to roost. #NoMalcolmX

As owners play tug-o-war with the players over millions of dollars in spoils, they’re faced with the scariest thing they’ve seen since an unidentified brother was strolling through their neighborhood. NBA players going to Turkey, Spain, China, and everywhere else under the sun to make money while they’re acting funny. I’ve even seen Kevin Durant drop 66 points at Rucker Park and Brandon Jennings go bucket-for-bucket with Josh Shelby (Kansas) in the Melo League in Baltimore. I must say, it was most exhilarating.

It’s a genius move by the players to utilize their leverage to the fullest extent of basketball law.  If a ball is bouncing, they should be there. Not only should they be there, they should show out!

They can barnstorm all over planet earth. They can play how they want, where they want, and be as flashy as they wanna be. They can team up with other great players and create a video game atmosphere. They can still sell sneakers and make boatloads of money while the international audience eats it up, and the stateside audience cheers them on while somebody who sounds like Fatman Scoop is on the mic. The possibilities are endless.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  The AAU circuit has already made High School Basketball an afterthought for top prospects and now it’s closing in on the NCAA.

Don’t let it happen to the NBA Mr. Stern. Get on the phones, scare the bejeezus out of your owners, and get ‘er done.

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  1. Stern should eventually really take the league global and add teams across the world. Barcelona, Paris, Moscow etc. Take this other nonsense out of the equation and truly be the worlds game.


  2. JoeJoe says:

    First Lebron is talked about for an AAU mentality now everyone else wants to follow. Lebron is a trend setter..

  3. Lakeshow We The Best says:

    The AAU mentality is destroying the competitive nature of the NBA, and it’s already buried the boys and girls clubs and high school teams. This spells trouble for the league if it David Stern and the owners let it get out of control.

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